FAQFrequently Asked Questions

PAIRO FLEX NEON products are waterproof?

All IP 65 ve IP 68 series, are water proof but only IP68 series are allowed to be used inside the water. The rest can not be used inside the water but can be used under the rain and wet conditions. For IP68 series, if the water acid level is very high than PVC cover may get damaged, so please be sure that acid level of the water should be low not to damage the PVC.

How to use RGB and Video Flex?

All the set of items are in tha packing that you need to stand alone control. DMX512 and PWM control is also available. For details please get in touch with us. info@pairo.com.tr

Cutting intervals of PAIRO FLEX and FLEX NEON Series?

220V Series: 100 cm
24V Series: 20 cm
12 V Series: 10 cm

220V: 100cm
24V: 11 cm

Why technical parameters and practical result is not matching in 10 meters connections?

Impedance ratio of the circuit is high and how many meter you get connectected that much impedance ratio is increasing. Therefore voltage is dropping. Onece the voltage drops than total power also drops.
For Example;
1 meter is 14 Watt. if you lit up 10 meters together (220V Version) teoritically it should consume 140Watt. However, due to foregoing mentioned details total measured power consumtion will be 12,5 Watt. 

PCB Technical Specifications?

PI (polyimide) + Pure Copper

Copper Thickness of our PCB 3 OZ (105 Micron)
Tensile strength 120N
Copper Density 8.89g/cm3
Loaded current density per unit length 1.6A
Cold resistance per unit length -40
Breakdown voltage PI Film4000V
Fire rating 94-v0
Peel strength > 0.7kgf/cm

How many meters in each roll?

PAIRO Flex 24V products are in 5m, 220V products are in 50m. PAIRO Flex Neon products are in 50m.

What is the minimum order quantity? What exists inside the package?

PAIRO FLEX NEON products MOQ is 50 meter. Package is including; 
5 Pieces of each set
5ft Power Cord With 4A Convertor + Front Connector + Heat Shrinkable Tubes+ EndCap+ Assembling Clips With Screw

24V products MOQ is 5 meters.