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PAIRO is trademark of LED Flex and LED Neon Flex products designed by TD Lighting Solutions in Turkey. PAIRO is targeting to manufacture the most efficient, durable, reliable and longest lifetime LED Flex and LED Neon Flex products.

PAIRO Flex, is the sub brand of PAIRO for the products of LED Flex Strips based on Nichia LEDs who is the innovator and market leader of LED components in the world. PAIRO Flex is the most efficient LED Strip in the world by delivering 153lm/W @ 24V input @5000K with brightness of 1300lm/m.

PAIRO NEON Flex is the sub brand of PAIRO for the products of LED NEON Flex Strips based on Nichia LEDs on white colors and RGBA colors with reliable LEDs selected from the market. Variety color options make you very flexible to create great projects. PAIRO NEON Flex products are direct alternative to Conventional Glass NEONS while delivering 1/3 less energy consumption, flexible and durable design availability with minimum 2x longer lifetime.

PAIRO NEON Flex series enable you to use in lighting projects and making Neon Based advertisement Signs.


Our Customers are Our Clients

Our customers are our clients. We are well aware that we will be fired unless we provide high quality products and services. Working on our ultimate goal is our motto to be able to satisfy our customers and succeed.


Team Work

With the awareness of having a good and proper team being the road to success, we work with the best team players who are true experts of their areas. We give utmost attention to team work, knowing that it is crucial to be a good team in order to be successful.



For us, products that are listed for sale are alrady out of date. We are continuously working to fulfil customer needs related to service and products and to develop innovations.


Being Target Oriented ve Passionate Work

If you do not have a target, you don have a purpose. If you do not have a purpose, then you are lost. Success will be difficult to have in absence of passion. With this understanding, to be passionate about success and to achieve our Vision, we know that we should fulfil our mission very well and work very hard to achieve this.